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 How's My Driving?

How's April doing, guys? She staying IC? She going over board? She cracking canon, losing your interest, not posting enough? Don't hold back, now! I want to play her the best I can, but I need your help to keep me in line, here.

Anon is on, IP tracking is off and all comments are screened. Have at me. EDIT: I AM NO LONGER A LIAR, ANON IS NOW DEFINITELY ON AND IP TRACKING IS NOW DEFINITELY OFF. orz


10th Report

Anyone recognize the woman who was with the Captain? At the masquerade. She wasn't a passenger...was she? It's entirely possible she's another one of the crew, I've just never seen her before.

Boys--how'd you enjoy the party? I kept looking for you, but you're a little harder to find with hair and masks.

[Plus, someone was a little mopey without her preferred date...]

9th Report; Closed Commentlog

[Armed with a messenger bag filled with sketchbooks and drawing supplies, April approaches Mikey's door. She hasn't see him since he got back, and even that was so brief. She'd thought he'd need his brother's attention first and foremost. But, some time had passed, and now she wanted her turn. Hopefully giving them space had been the right idea. Hopefully, she'd given them enough if it was. 

The reporter knocks lightly.

You in? 

8th Report; [Closed Commentlog]

[The shot opens on four large pizzas sitting on April's bed then flips around to show the redhead sitting next to Casey Jones. She eyes him out of the corner of her eye. It's just slightly obvious this is rehearsed.] Wow, Case, this sure is a lot of pizza.

Uh. Yeah. Yeah, it is.

[He definitely sounds like he's reading from a script.

April rolls her eyes and forces a deadpan to match his.]

I wonder how we would ever manage to finish it by. Ourselves.

Yeah, I wonder. You think there're some, ah. Some other people who might like--

[he inspects the Pizza. He apparently didn't even look at what some of them were when they grabbed them.]

What is this, pineapple? And ham?

[Okay, they have both dropped the act now.]

 Yeah. It was hawaiian...something. If you don't like it, just pick it off.

Why would you put fruit on a pizza?

[And so, he begins decimating the Hawaiian pizza.]

I don't know. Because it tastes go--

[Closed Commentlog]

[Things just keep getting better.

April isn't staying alone with a wolf on the loose. No way. She's lucky there's so many options open to her--a whole five to be exact--but there's only one person to be playing body-guard for her tonight.

...and strictly that. Yes.

...which is why she's bringing wine. Shut up.

Casey Jones gets several quick raps on his door.

Room Service. Open up before I get eaten.

4th Wall Day

We've sure got quite the influx of new people this weekend.

Did we finally get Harrison Ford?

Sixth Report and Comment-log

Hey Mikey? Looks like I'm going to need some of those pencils I let you borrow. You don't mind, right?

Looks like I've dodged the bullet this time. Or should I say the spray of the water gun? My condolences to those who didn't. It's not one of the most enjoyable of the Captain's pranks.

Speaking of those, I had nearly forgotten about the macaroni necklaces until the other day it starts singing again. From my waste-bin. Randomly.

Scared me half to death.

Fifth Report; Dated back to event-start

[Two seconds after the ship makes some VERY distressing sounds and shakes all over the freaking place, April dives for her comm. Her voice is...close to calm. Most of all, it's urgent.]

Okay, anyone else feel that?

I don't think that's normal.

[She's looking out her window.]

It looks just fine outside. What's going on?

Fourth Report

[She doesn't entirely mean to...but April's slipped into reporter mode.]

Singing macaroni, teleportation, and altering his passenger's species at will.

I've already seen some of what makes our Captain 'Great', and while I can't say I'm not impressed, I'm not exactly happy about it, either. If the song wasn't bad enough, the Captain terrorized many who responded to him on his most recent entry. All I got was a crown, but from the sounds of several responses? I got off lucky.

This isn't the first time the Captain's played his tricks. Probably won't be the last.

I'd like to ask some of the passengers--really any of the passengers--what is the weirdest thing Redd's done to you, a friend, anyone? Call it morbid curiosity if you will.

If we haven't spoken before, my name is April O'Neil. Whether you respond or not, have a good night.

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Third Report


A shrill gasp of surprise--

Ooooooh nonono. No, no.


okay, this is not as awesome as Donny made it out to be.

[Paper rustles.]

This is just...ruined.


[April gives the table a smack in frustration...and then she remembers. Tch.]

You record after you do that, don't you?


Hello, ship.

Goodbye ship.


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